Smokeless Cigarettes

Smokeless Cigarettes

These E-cigs are a product “revolution” aimed at cigarette smokers classic. Although less harmful to your health than tobacco, it allows you to suck and exhale the smoke in the form of steam in contrast to the conventional cigarette. The smokeless cigarette is a concentrate of electronics in a cylindrical tube, as well as a conventional cigarette. The location of the filter, called “cartridge” contains a flavored liquid called e-liquid (tobacco flavors or other flavors like apple, vanilla, coffee etc..) Instead of tobacco and its components harmful to health .


The body of the smokeless cigarettes consists mostly of three parts:

  • a battery (for comparison: the white body of the conventional cigarette), with microprocessor electronics and battery after an LED that glows when it draws on the cigarette.
  • an atomizer, the component that converts the e-liquid from the cartridge into steam.
  • a cartridge, which contains the e-flavored liquid, which may or may not contain nicotine.

These three parts compose the smokeless cigarette.The latest models lately, may have the same size as real cigarettes! A flat anyway, plus a model is short and the battery is less efficient in terms of longevity and power output (amperage).

How is the cloud of smoke formed? SENSATIONS OF THE SMOKELESS CIGARETTES

The main ingredients of the liquid in the cartridge or in separate vials are nicotine, flavoring, water, and component, propylene glycol or glycerol (humectant and thickener) which allows the conversion of liquid to gas (vapor cloud!). Evaporation of liquid really gives the impression of smoke, quite comparable to that of the conventional cigarette.

With the smokeless cigarettes you will feel what is called the “hit” or “throat hit “proportional to different dosage of nicotine, that feeling that you are at the bottom of the throat when smoking a traditional cigarette.What we said in our first cigarette ” Wow, that hard! “is this feeling that is qualified by the Anglo-Saxon “hit”.


On its operating principle, the smokeless cigarettes do not burn ; It is a very big difference with the conventional cigarette. The latter consumes and multiplies its danger by releasing tiny particles and the creation of harmful chemical reactions. Release of carbon monoxide for example, dangerous and deadly gases. The smokeless cigarettes produces steam by heating to 50 ° C to 60 ° C. The part that heats the e-liquid (liquid from the cartridge) is the atomizer, operated by a microprocessor that performs the relay between the battery and atomizer.

The result is there, you get a cloud of smoke, steam or rather, much less corrosive and hazardous to health than traditional cigarette smoke. Each cartridge of the smokeless cigarettes can accommodate different doses of nicotine according to your tastes and sensations that you are looking for attention, however, nicotine is a product to be handled with caution and not let the reach of children . Several equivalents have been made between the number of drag of a conventional cigarette versus smokeless cigarettes cartridge. On average the e-cigarette cartridge contains the equivalent of 2 to 5 cigarettes classic after its use (with large heavy smoker puffs close or occasional smoker). It is therefore advisable to allow time smokeless cigarettes after a couple of puff (the equivalent of a traditional cigarette).


The advantages of smokeless cigarettes are so many, here are the main listed by the pioneers of the new cigarette

Practical advantages:

  • No smell of tobacco
  • No smell of stale tobacco on the fingers or clothing
  • You can smoke in places where normally there is no smoking! (Public places, restaurant, bars, pubs, at work, disco / club etc..)
  • You will not be shy around the non-smokers!

Health benefits:

  • Rediscover the taste of food,