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Green Smoke Reviews

Let me start out by saying this: I don’t smoke, and I never have. However, I have a lot of friends who have smoked over the years, and many of them have tried to quit. Some succeeded, some did not. A few years ago, I married my husband, Kenton. About one month after our wedding, one of my best friends passed away from lung cancer. Kenton and the rest of our friends stopped smoking within months. While the others had various levels of success, Kenton found that he was able to quit in under six months with the Green Smoke Smokeless Cigarettes.

My husband regularly smoked clove and menthol cigarettes with an occasional regular thrown in for variety, so when we found the Green Smokes, he decided to start out trying the “fancy” flavored ones. They come in Vanilla Dreams, Menthol Ice, Smooth Chocolate, Mocha Mist, Absolute Tobacco, and Red Label Tobacco. One of the most attractive features of the Green Smoke is that they come with disposable atomizers along with the flavored nicotine cartridges, so he never felt like he was smoking a secondhand cigarette.

He also liked that they came in five different nicotine levels, because he never really smoked regular cigarettes with the high nicotine level. The strong Green Smoke cigarettes come in 24mg, the full in 18mg, the light in 12mg, the low in 4mg, and the 0mg. They can tell you which strength to start with depending on what cigarettes you smoke regularly, so there’s little chance you’ll get too much or not enough nicotine when you start.
Kenton had actually stopped going out to restaurants and bars with me (before the public smoking bans hit our state) because just the smell of cigarette smoke made him want to light up! He started out with the full strength, and a battery would last him an entire day so we never had to worry that his cigarette would die in the middle of happy hour. The company does include an extra battery, just in case.
In any case, Kenton had decided that every two months, he would go down one level of nicotine strength. I was a little afraid of the stories I’d heard from other friends about their adventures in smoking cessation, and I was ready for one cranky husband in the house. The Green Smoke cigarettes really seemed to take care of most of that problem, because he was getting his nicotine and still had the action of smoking. When he had tried patches a few years earlier, he was constantly chewing on pens! With Green Smoke, our writing implements were safe and there was only his usual crankiness to contend with.
Kenton stuck to his plan, and let me tell you, it is awesome to no longer need to check his pockets for cigarettes before doing the laundry, to constantly smell cigarette smoke in the house, and to kiss a man who tastes like toothpaste and not the bottom of an ashtray. I’d definitely recommend Green Smoke to anyone who is really dedicated to quitting!