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Blu Cigs Review

You normally know whether a smokeless cigarette deserves your interest or not by judging from the number of speculations and controversies that hover around it. Blu Gigs, like a few other brands we can find on the market, continue to make a subject of discussion to many customers, so it did not take me too long until I decided to make my own opinion about them.

Not wanting to be influenced, I decided to go directly to their website and see what’s in it for me. It looked well the black and tight package, with the bright indicators of the charging process and battery levels on one side, but I needed more information on their three main packages.

Original Starter Kit – was the first one of the series, with a price of $70

Premium Starter Kit  – this is the successor of Premium Blu, which came with a new technology aiming to make these cigarettes more functional and have a better performance, everything for 10 extra dollars that raised the price at 80 $

Premium 100 – the latest product, priced at 90 dollars, is supposed to come up with some bigger cartridges and batteries, enhancing the amount of vapors

I for one was surprised to discover that there are, however, little differences between these three packages, especially if you consider that all of them contain:

  • 2 electronic batteries
  • 1 USB charger
  • 1 wall charger
  • 1 pack of five cartridges with flavors and strengths that can be personalized
  • 1 case shaped like a cigarette pack, in which all your cartridges and a portable battery should perfectly fit

The only change would be that the Premium packages also come with a social feature that you might find funny when it will catch the eye of everyone around you.

The cartridges that Blu Cigs can provide you contain citric acid, distilled water and nicotine, natural and artificial flavors and USP glycerin. Excepting the fact that the Premium 100 are the equivalent of one pack and a half of normal cigarettes while the other two are associated with only one pack.
If you want to adjust the level of nicotine in time, you can choose between:

  • 16 mg – full flavored
  • 12 mg – light
  • 8 mg – ultra light
  • 0 mg – non nicotine

As for the flavors, besides the traditional cherry, vanilla, classic tobacco and menthol, the coffee one makes a catchy novelty.

All in all, a cartridge basically contains an atomizer, responsible with producing vapor, the cartridge itself, which should enhance the flavor, and the silicone tip sealing its bottom.

Yet another good thing on this product is that usually batteries and chargers work for regardless what product from those three. The USB charger can be simply used with Macs or PCs, but there is also a wall charger, designed for a wall outlet of 120 V. Otherwise said, you can either charge your cigarettes all in the same time, while they are inside the pack, or independently, one by one.

Other features
Blue Cigs have that sleek and mysterious appearance and they definitely take a step out of the crowd with the glowing tip that it is blue instead of orange. Its three main components, which is the cartridge, the atomizer and the battery make just one piece, and this particular piece can be independently sold as a disposable. Just like I saw them on the internet, I had the opportunity to admire while they were sitting in my hands after dealing with their customer support service with no problems at all.
Smoking Blu Cigs was not exactly the genuine experience I was thinking of, but it is still a similar one, appealing if you are anxious to smoke cigarettes with coffee flavor. The price is indeed affordable and the water vapors impregnated with nicotine give you that gentle throat heat of a refined cigar.

Useless to deny that they really look good and taste good, I still have to make some complaints, after I had the opportunity to try other e-cigarettes as well. On one hand I would have wanted to have more flavors to choose from and on the other hand I would have definitely liked more vapors. As for the battery life, it is one leap that needs to be worked on. Otherwise, Blu Cigs are not a failure in the field of smokeless cigarettes, but they are also a little bit far from being a masterpiece.

Tobacco – a Real Enemy of Oral Health

Kids aren’t the only ones having oral caries; grown ups their very own fair share also. As reported by the National Institutes of Health, 92% of adults get caries in their  teeth.  Aspects leading to gums and teeth disease involve cleaning routines, inherited genes, anxiety and cigarette smoking!

Based on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , people who smoke are four times more inclined  to have oral health issues than non-smokers. These complications consist of:

  • Smelly breath
  • Teeth yellowing
  • Oral plaque buildup and tartar on the teeth
  • Elevated loss of bone tissue in the jaw bone
  • Greater associated risk for leukoplakia (white-colored sections inside the mouth area)
  • Higher likelihood of periodontal disease
  •  Higher probability of mouth cancer
  • Problems with hot/cold discomfort
  • Tooth corrosion

With each smoke, 1000s of chemical compounds, heat as well as smoke attack your teeth, gum area and mouth area. This changes the level of acidity in the mouth, plays a role in plaque accumulation and discoloration of the teeth, harms tastebuds as well as nerve cells, and also affects blood flow. Using tobacco also jeopardises the body’s immune system, making a tobacco user more prone to bacterial infections such as fever blisters.

Smoking isn’t any better for teeth’s health, even though you don’t inhale. Many cigars include the equivalant quantity of tobacco as a whole pack of cigarettes! The fumes and chemical substances coming from cigar smoke can easily inflame the gums and might make them diminish at levels much like cigarette users.

Even with no smoke or even high temperature, tobacco normally is not good news for dental health. Chewing tobacco directly impacts the gums and results in increased irritation and recession in the gumline. Additionally, germs inside the mouth area “feed” on the sugars put into smokeless tobacco. This particular bacteria creates acidity that gradually impacts negatively the tooth’s enamel, making people that use smokeless tobacco 4x more likely compared to non-smokers to “acquire” oral cavaties in accordance with a study released in the Journal of the American Dental Association.

Being aware of all this, stopping all cigarettes and tobacco products for better teeth is really a no brainer. Once smokers stop smoking, they start seeing pinker gums as well as lips.  An additional advantage visible within just days of laying off is better sensation of taste and smell-making foods more pleasurable once more! There could also be a few less enjoyable unwanted effects.  At times smokers may observe gum discomfort or gums that hemorrhage easier.  Ex-smokers may also experience a “metallic”  mouth, the medical expression referred to as dysguesia (modified taste). These types of symptoms are short-term and could more likely be related to enhanced blood flow, restoration of tastebuds and nerve tissues, as well as other indications of recovery in those early days of giving up smoking.

For the time being, it’s vital that you maintain an everyday dental care  (flossing and brushing, utilizing a “delicate” tooth brush , as gentle as you can) in addition to regular visits to the dental practitioner.  Reducing sticky, sweet foods such as fruit juice, nougat, caramel as well as taffy will likely assist in preventing tooth decay. The dentist will undoubtedly see the changes and compliment you. That is certainly a thing to be happy about.

5 Benefits of the Electronic Cigarette

Cigarette smoking is one of the most harmful human activities around. And when you look at it, it’s hard not to see why. The devastation it creates to the health of the smoker (as well as to those around him/her) has been documented time and again. What’s more, its potential financial impact is also much talked about. Because of this, more and more people are looking to quit smoking. Or at least, they are trying to look for a safer alternative. One of the emerging alternatives comes in the form of the electronic cigarette. What are the benefits of making a switch to these products?


1. Health benefits – Cigarette smoking is well-known for its potential impact to different parts of the human body (particularly the respiratory tract). But if you use e-cigarettes, you are not prone to diseases that afflict smokers. This is mainly because e-cigarettes don’t have toxic ingredients such as tar and nicotine. By smoking these alternatives, you avoid ingesting around 4000 different harmful contents associated with cigarettes. What’s more, those who stopped smoking traditional cigarettes in favor of electronic ones have noted a remarkable improvement on their physical condition.

2. Smokeless Smoking – OK, this type of cigarette is actually not totally smokeless. After all, smoke is still generated by this device with every puff. But the thing is, this smoke actually consists of water vapor that’s harmless for everyone. As such, you won’t have to worry about compromising the health of other people with secondhand smoke. Feel free to smoke to your heart’s content anywhere.

3. Financial benefits – Smoking is known to put a strain to one’s budget. There are no such issues if you’ll be using electronic cigarettes. While the price of acquiring an e-cigarette may seem expensive at face value, the long-term benefits it can give when it comes to costing trump the initial cost. E-cigarette cartridges are remarkably less expensive than cigarettes. You’ll be surprised on how much you can potentially save by making the switch today.

4. No smell – One problem that smokers (and everyone that’s around them) have is the distinctive smell associated with smoking. Obviously, it’s not one of the most flattering scents around. But with the help of electronic cigarettes, you can say goodbye to this nasty smell. You won’t have to worry about the scent of your breath and you won’t have to worry about how your clothes smell too.

5. Non-flammable – One of the things about cigarettes is its flammability. In fact, it has caused more than its fair share of fires resulting to loss of life and/or property. But electronic cigarettes don’t need fire to be activated. As such, you don’t have to worry that you might destroy furniture, clothes, or even houses. As an added bonus, you don’t have to use extra paraphernalia such as lighters, matches, and ashtrays.

A lot of people, including former cigarette smokers, are encouraging people to make a switch to electronic cigarettes. And why should you not make the switch? With these benefits and more, making the switch today can be a life-changing experience.

V2 Cigs Review

When surfing the web looking for smokeless cigarettes, V2 Cigs is a name that you simply cannot get over. Quite popular as far as I could tell, this particular product is well known nowadays. I thought about putting it under scrutiny and I appreciated what I discovered. Because I have struggled myself for such a long time to overcome this unpleasant habit of smoking, I wanted to share with you the things I have learned about V2 Cigs, just in case you are in the same situation.

For the most accurate information, I went directly to their website. You cannot expect for a producer to tell you everything you want and need, exactly the way you picture it, but you can sure make yourself an idea by the way in which a company understands to promote its products. And speaking of V2 Cigs, you cannot be too disappointed on this chapter. From detailed descriptions of their products to current top sellers, comparisons between this particular e-cigarette and other similar products, plus a decently designed customer service, it kind of makes you want to create a personal account on their website. In this way you may as well use their gift certificates or wish lists, but also follow the status of your orders.

So without further introduction, we should take a peak at V2 Cigs.

V2 Kits
There are no less than 7 different packages you can get to experience, each one with its own particularities in terms of features, purpose of usage and also price, varying from 30 $ to 160$. I am only going to tell you about three of their most requested kits:

1) V2 Economy Kit – 60 $

This one is mostly for beginners or customers who want to test V2 Cigs, for people who only smoke every now and then or on social events

  • 10 cartridges
  • 1 battery
  • 1 USB charger with wall adaptor
  • 1 user manual

2) V2 Standard Kit – 75 $

Affordable enough, this package is supposed to serve those who already decided to switch on smokeless cigarettes and it happens to be one of the most sold products of V2

  • 10 cartridges
  • 2 batteries, a standard one and one for your car
  • An USB charger together with the wall adaptor for home usage
  • 1 user manual

3) V2 Couples Kit – 140 $
Taking care of customers means to allow them share products with the dear ones. Changing an electronic cigarette from one person to another is not too funny, this is why you can have a kit for two

  • 20 cartridges
  • 4 batteries, whatever type you decide to order
  • 2 USB chargers with 2 wall adaptors
  • 2 user guides

Leaving aside the utility of all these kits, the fact that I can personalize my order regarding the flavor of cartridges and the battery type or style is a positive thing.  Speaking of batteries, here is what options V2 Cigs provides.

Designed to fit the cartridges, three batteries can be purchased as it follows:

  • V2 Shorty Cig – 100 mm length, switchable on manual or automatic, offering you around 160 Puffs on average
  • V2 Standard Cig – 110 mm length, requiring 2-3 charging hours, with manual or automatic switch and with about 200 puffs
  • V2 Long Cig – has 140 mm length, is ready to use after 4 hours of charging and it can let you experience more than 300 puffs

Each one costs only 25 $ and can be white, black, blue or have the color of stainless steel.

If so far you were thinking that making up your mind for o certain product is tough, think again, because we just got to the most challenging part. I, for one, was a little confused to see that they have ten different types of cartridges, each one the equivalent of a traditional pack of tobacco cigarettes.
The cheapest one is the universal adapter, priced at 2 $, and the most expensive one is the 225 $ package of custom cartridges – with this one you get to choose not just colors, but also nicotine content and flavors.

Think of this one as to one of the most important features that a smokeless cigarette can offer you. When there is no smoke, the feeling of a warm steady vapor is everything you need.

  • V2 Platinum at 10 ml  to fill about 10 cartridges – 10 $
  • V2 Platinum at 25 ml to fill about 25 cartridges – 19 $

Each one can have personalized strengths, of 0 mg, 6 mg, 12 mg or 18 mg, and with four flavors: peppermint or menthol, red or sahara.
Alternatively, you can buy yourself a pack of 5 blank cartridges for 9 $ and fill them with any other vapor liquid you buy from anywhere else.

It looks like V2 Cigs experience is never complete until you get yourself some customized accessories, with either practical or decorative purpose. Soft or metal carry caseslanyards, portable charging cases, auto adapters or wall adapters and drips made from rubber or aluminum to help you make refills are available on site and you only need to take a look.

What I love most about V2 Cigs is that even though they come with a variety of packages, they still allow you to personalize the one you have chosen so that it best suits your needs. So, if you decide to give smokeless cigarettes a try, I recommend this product since V2 Cigs makes a perfect choice when you are looking to start off with an option that has the best value/cost ratio.