Blu Cigs Review

Blu Cigs Review

You normally know whether a smokeless cigarette deserves your interest or not by judging from the number of speculations and controversies that hover around it. Blu Gigs, like a few other brands we can find on the market, continue to make a subject of discussion to many customers, so it did not take me too long until I decided to make my own opinion about them.

Not wanting to be influenced, I decided to go directly to their website and see what’s in it for me. It looked well the black and tight package, with the bright indicators of the charging process and battery levels on one side, but I needed more information on their three main packages.

Original Starter Kit – was the first one of the series, with a price of $70

Premium Starter Kit  – this is the successor of Premium Blu, which came with a new technology aiming to make these cigarettes more functional and have a better performance, everything for 10 extra dollars that raised the price at 80 $

Premium 100 – the latest product, priced at 90 dollars, is supposed to come up with some bigger cartridges and batteries, enhancing the amount of vapors

I for one was surprised to discover that there are, however, little differences between these three packages, especially if you consider that all of them contain:

  • 2 electronic batteries
  • 1 USB charger
  • 1 wall charger
  • 1 pack of five cartridges with flavors and strengths that can be personalized
  • 1 case shaped like a cigarette pack, in which all your cartridges and a portable battery should perfectly fit

The only change would be that the Premium packages also come with a social feature that you might find funny when it will catch the eye of everyone around you.

The cartridges that Blu Cigs can provide you contain citric acid, distilled water and nicotine, natural and artificial flavors and USP glycerin. Excepting the fact that the Premium 100 are the equivalent of one pack and a half of normal cigarettes while the other two are associated with only one pack.
If you want to adjust the level of nicotine in time, you can choose between:

  • 16 mg – full flavored
  • 12 mg – light
  • 8 mg – ultra light
  • 0 mg – non nicotine

As for the flavors, besides the traditional cherry, vanilla, classic tobacco and menthol, the coffee one makes a catchy novelty.

All in all, a cartridge basically contains an atomizer, responsible with producing vapor, the cartridge itself, which should enhance the flavor, and the silicone tip sealing its bottom.

Yet another good thing on this product is that usually batteries and chargers work for regardless what product from those three. The USB charger can be simply used with Macs or PCs, but there is also a wall charger, designed for a wall outlet of 120 V. Otherwise said, you can either charge your cigarettes all in the same time, while they are inside the pack, or independently, one by one.

Other features
Blue Cigs have that sleek and mysterious appearance and they definitely take a step out of the crowd with the glowing tip that it is blue instead of orange. Its three main components, which is the cartridge, the atomizer and the battery make just one piece, and this particular piece can be independently sold as a disposable. Just like I saw them on the internet, I had the opportunity to admire while they were sitting in my hands after dealing with their customer support service with no problems at all.
Smoking Blu Cigs was not exactly the genuine experience I was thinking of, but it is still a similar one, appealing if you are anxious to smoke cigarettes with coffee flavor. The price is indeed affordable and the water vapors impregnated with nicotine give you that gentle throat heat of a refined cigar.

Useless to deny that they really look good and taste good, I still have to make some complaints, after I had the opportunity to try other e-cigarettes as well. On one hand I would have wanted to have more flavors to choose from and on the other hand I would have definitely liked more vapors. As for the battery life, it is one leap that needs to be worked on. Otherwise, Blu Cigs are not a failure in the field of smokeless cigarettes, but they are also a little bit far from being a masterpiece.

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